Annual Jackpot Prize: £10,000
Weekly Prizes: £2,000, £500, £200, 2x £100, 4x £50, 6x£25, 170x £10 and 130x £5

Would you like to win a £2000 top prize drawn every Friday for just £1 a week?

If so why not join the The Gold Bond Weekly Draw? Not only is there £2000 jackpot prize up for grabs but with 315 prizes won each and every week you have a great chance of receiving a winning envelope from us. Please note all prize winners are paid automatically without need for claim.

To subscribe to the Gold Bond Weekly Draw you have four ways to pay either by standing order, credit card, home collection or cheque.  To download a standing order form [click here].

You can also sign up ONLINE

The Gold Bond Weekly Draw is a valuable source of income for Accrington Stanley.  It is one of the club’s single biggest fundraisers, with at least 60p of every £1 you spend coming to us, and without the income we receive from the draw we would struggle to survive on a daily basis.

For just £1 members receive 7 lucky numbers, each one of which has the chance to win one of many cash prizes from £5 to £2,000! If your local newsagent or pub is not an agent for the draw, we can arrange for one of our fans to call at your home to collect your pound.

Agents are also required to collect weekly draw money from our members. Pick an area and we will build you a round! Generous commission is paid to agents and there are chances to earn complimentary match day tickets! 

Contact Us Below To Sign Up!


Promoter: G Steele – The Gold Bond Weekly Draw is run by Blackpool FC Development Association and used by a variety of sporting organizations and/or charities in order to generate income.  Registered with The Gambling Commission