John Coleman wants there to be a special atmosphere around the Wham Stadium for tonight’s play-off semi-final second leg with AFC Wimbledon.

The Reds trail 1-0 from Saturday’s first leg but will hope to turn it round and make it to the final with victory this evening.

It’s the final home game of the season and the manager thinks that can make all the difference.

“We need the supporters to sing their hearts out,” he said. “The following at Wycombe and Wimbledon was amazing and the flags and banners against Stevenage were a great boost but we need more.

“Tonight we need everyone to be behind us for the full 90 minutes and beyond. It makes a huge difference to the lads when the fans are loud and right behind them from the first kick to the last.

“To say you can be a 12th man may be a cliche but it’s also true. There’s nothing like the atmosphere at Accrington on a big occasion and we hope that’s the case tonight.”

A sell out crowd is expected for the game, which is also being broadcast live on TV.

Coleman hopes his players can show those inside the stadium and watching elsewhere what they are all about.

“A lot of people will get the chance to see us in the flesh or on the TV, if they’re not Liverpool fans, and we hope to show them what we’re about,” he explained.

“I’ve told my players that I’ve been telling the world and his wife how good they are and how well they’ve been playing. When I’m at the Sunday footy with my mates or in the pub I’ve been telling them how well we’ve been doing they tell me that I’m always going to guild the lily but it’s fact. We’ve played some fantastic football this season. We have a TV game to put that on the big stage.

“I think people will have seen on Saturday that we’re capable of playing a good passing game without offering the kind of attacking threat we’d like. I want us to bring all the elements together tonight and show the nation what a good side we are.”